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Terrific Speakers and Topics

are lined up for the

2004 International Conference on Care and Kindness

Workshops, Plenary Speakers, Forums, General Sessions, Panel Discussions !! This year’s conference is in the final stages of preparation for the most exciting conference ever. It is designed to equip you to be more sensitive to the needs and cares of hurting people that you meet every day. By the end of the conference you will find yourself better able to understand the unique struggles of others.

“Be kind to one another, for everyone
is carrying a heavy load.”

Keynote Speakers:

Dealing with the issue of bullying – Barbara Coloroso speaks of “The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander”

Sharing her loss of three children to a debilitating disease, Connie Jackson will speak from her book “No One Can Separate Us”

No conference would be complete without a refresher course on the basics of Care and Kindness from Dr. James Kok. He will also conclude the conference with his thoughts on “Taking Care and Kindness Home”

Kelsey Marshall will help us understand the world of the hearing-impaired as she talks on “Barriers Into Bridges”

Dr. Richard Mouw calls caring people to emphasize “Hospitality” and to incorporate it in their daily contacts.

You will learn to recognize the “Uncommon Graces” as Pastor John Vawter speaks to us.

Based upon his work with congregations who are suffering tension, Pastor Duane Visser’s topic will be “Ministry: You Can’t Do It Alone”

As the founder of Random Acts of Kindness, Chuck Wall will bring unique excitement and challenges to his audience.

Workshop Topics & Speakers:
Some workshops are geared to increase your “caring” skills – others are designed to broaden your understanding of the unique needs of specific groups of people.

  • Listening Skills – Susan Balk
  • Understanding Autism – Dawn Booth
  • Retirement Adjustments– John Coulombe
  • Avoiding Burnout & Stress-out – Richard Foss
  • Joy for the Tired Care-giver – Bill Gaultiere
  • Depression Issues– Debbie Hutchinson
  • Practical Steps of Care and Kindness – Jim Kok
  • Visiting the Sick – Philip Somsen
  • Mom Grief – Harold Ivan Smith
  • Friend Grief – Harold Ivan Smith
  • Medical Ethics – Dr. Mark Spee
  • Chemical Addictions – John Vawter
  • More about Random Acts – Chuck Wall


  • One of the highlights of recent conferences has been the unique devotional style of Rev. Vicki Orr. She will once again guide us in Lectio Devino (Divine Reading).
  • A choice of two panel discussions will be featured on Friday afternoon.
    • Panel #1 will address a list of questions that are commonly raised about all of this Care and Kindness “stuff” - We Have Questions
    • Panel #2 will discuss the Issues of Advanced Aging
  • An Open Forum, also on Friday afternoon will discuss Care and Kindness Ideas

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