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The Miracle of Kindness

People are remarking that this new book by Dr. James R. Kok is enjoyable, yet rich and compelling.

...a practical guidebook...It will change the lives of individuals and churches who let God guide them in fleshing out its lessons.
Dr. James T. Stout, Pastor

...very practical and helpful...the kind of book that is simple and yet brings a message that profoundly deepens the meaning and purpose of life.
Harvey Kiekover, Pastor

...our world would certainly be a more civil, friendly and loving place to live if each one of us would practice just a few of the many suggestions of kindness mentioned in this book ... I would recommend it as well for support groups who want to learn how to be more
conscious of truly living their lives in service of others.
John Hutt, Pastor

For the first time, I understand the much more practical, do-able job of evangelizing...simply do intentional acts of kindness and hopefully “change the world, one act at a time.”
Judy Gustum, Businesswoman

The Miracle of Kindness is a 280-page comprehensive illumination of Dr. Kok’s entire vision for the Care and
Kindness movement. This is a “handbook” that you will enjoy reading, but which will continue to serve as a reference and a valuable resource for you as you become an Ambassador of Kindness. The book is sprinkled liberally
throughout with inspiring anecdotes of Care and Kindness that Dr. Kok has collected over time. A Discussion
Guide in the back draws out the key concepts of each chapter and stimulates thoughts on how to apply Dr. Jim’s concepts to everyday living.

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