The Pastoral Counseling
Treatment Planner

by James R. Kok and
Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr.

Patterned after the bestselling The Complete Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, this invaluable resource features:

  • Treatment plan components for 31 behaviorally based life challenges and spiritual problems
  • A step-by-step guide to treatment planning
  • More than 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions
  • Handy workbook format with room to record your own treatment plan options
  • Over 100,000 Practice Planners sold

Pastors, priests and rabbis hold a prime position of honor and respect in the roster of valued human beings. Week in and week out, people dealing with a smorgasbord of trials, conflicts, and dysfunctions show up on their doorsteps and ask for help. And those people are always welcomed in. Weeping, perplexed, in depair, angry, injured, and ill, they come to the church, cathedral, synagogue, or temple expecting to meet God's servants, and they do.

This book is a tool to assist in bringing additional order, understanding, and systematic process into these godly encounters between beleaguered people and the highly dedicated women and men who drop everything to listen, suggest, inquire, pray, and lead to the places and resources needed.

This book is dedicated to the pastors, rabbis, and priests of the parishes, congregations, and spiritual communities of the world. They are in the trenches, on the front lines, meeting the needs of humanity with love and humility and drying the tears of their people. They deserve credit.

The unique step-by step design of this treatment planner will enhance the confidence of anyone called on as the first line of defense in helping those who are facing life's knottiest dilemmas.

Therapeutic counseling requires more time and training than the clergyperson usually can invest. But, with more congregants turning to them every day, pastors, priests, and rabbis must nevertheless perform as counselors whether they want to or not. This book is intended to provide those spiritual leaders with some clinically proven directions for counseling.

It will also give secular therapists new insight into the beliefs of and the goals and resources available to their spiritually inclined clients.

Today, enlightened therapists look closely at the spiritual beliefs and practices of their clients and profit heavily by helping their clients draw on the spiritual resourcs they embrace. A knowledgeable counselor who does not identify with the faith of his/her client could still wisely include the rituals, writings, and religious community to the benefit of the one struggling.

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