Family At Work
Building Strong Relationships At Home

by James R. Kok

Family at Work: Building Strong Relationships at Home offers practical tips for twenty-somethings to grandparents, and everyone in between.

It will help you

  • improve the closeness of your family
  • communicate with your spouse
  • learn how to share the workload
  • nurture your children from birth to adolescence
  • keep a happy home

Dr. Kok writes: "These chapters are like sharing the "aha's" of many years of trying to get it right. Usually, but not always, an "aha" occurs when we hit a pothole on the highway of daily travel. those unwelcome jolts have a way of getting our attention and ushering in a fresh way of seeing things."

"Raising a child takes a lot of thought. No longer can this most vital of all endeavors be accomplished well just by doing what comes naturally. Trusting the village to raise the child is risky as society plunges headlong into runaway secularism and materialism. The values of even close friends often veer in directins we may view as shallow or careless."

"Large or small families need help. This book is offered in the spirit of enabling this precious process a little bit. As an adoring grandfather, I now see more clearly how busy we were just taking care of the logistics of getting four children the essentials as we saw them. I wish now I had read more, reflected more, taken more time, stood back and pondered more about what those little kids needed."

"The biggest gift we give to our children is character. Character includes the integrity and the capacity to set boundaries. It includes a depth dimension that shines with generosity and gratitude. Above all, character exhibits itself in living beyond the pleasure principal. It shows itself in building, working, creating, and caring, generated by strong confidence that God cares, needs, and appreciates lives dedicated to making the world a better place. If anything in these chapters facilitates that kind of living in even one person, the investment put into these pages is worthwhile."

"Jim Kok provides practical Christian insights into family relationships from a lifetime of personal and pastoral experience. Family at Work serves as an excellent day-to-day living guide for Christians who are striving to get it right." - Anthony J. Diekema, Preseident Emeritus, Calvin College.

"Jim Kok addresses the issues that many Christian families are dealing with every day. With a warm and gentle spirit he nudges the reader to greater clarity regarding our roles as spouse, parent, sibling, and child." - Barbara Johnson, Humorist, best-selling author, and founder of Spatula Ministries.

"Jim Kok has written a superb book. He addresses the change from the traditional head-of-household approach to the shared headship amoung young couples today and streseses the need for support for single parents." - Susan L. Balk, Director of Training, New Hope Crisis Counseling Center, Crystal Cathedral.

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